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The core concept of the Ballet


Our musicology is the greatest asset of our culture.

World music has12 semi tones considered to be the fountain head or corner stones of music.


These are all the basic ragas of Indian (Carnatic) classical music and are called as “parentragas”. Thousands of ragas are derived from this system. At the same time it covers the entire world music which is based on 12 sem it one system.

All the Stalwarts of the Westernland Indian Music World have the knowledge of these 72 Melakartha Ragas but they are unable to find away of simplifying them so that they may be understood by all.It is to the credit of Sri. V.N.V. Ramana Murthy of Swara Kala Bharati who has made it easy for enthusiastic learners to learn these basic ragas.

Goddess Saraswathy has chosen Sri. V.N.V. Ramana Murthy of Swara Kala Bharati by showering her blessings on him to achieve this splendid feat and restisa miracle before you.Enlightened by Goddess Saraswathy, he has encapsulated the 72Melakartha Ragas in the form of “SwaraKamakshi” a6.30 minute hymnin Sanskrit, and “SwaraBijakshari” a3.30 minute hymn. The lyrics are also penned by him. This is a miraculous achievement as he has no formal education in Sanskrit but he has written the hymns in Sanskrit. Now, the aim of Swaranidhi is to educate the younger generation to learn Music in its simplest form which has never been done before.

After achieving this rare featunder the banner of Swara Kala Bharati, now we intent to popularize this new concept of learning 72 Melakarthas and has designed a Ballet called “DEVIBHAGAVATHAM” which is ablend of Literature, Music and Dance.The Ballet has a duration of 72 minutes and will be composed with 72 Melakartha Raagas and the Literature will be written by theeminent indian scholar of Sanskrit Literature, Brahmasri Samavedam Shanmukha Sharma, These will be sung by renowned and versatile singers like Sri K.J.Yesudas, Dr.LataMangeshkar , Smt. VaniJayaram, Smt. Janaki, Sri. SankarMahadevan,Sri. Hariharan and others.A team of eminent Dancers from various forms of Indian Classical dances like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Kathakali and Russian Ballet, Spain Flamenco, United States Break Dance, Middle East Belly Dance, Argentina Tango, Japan Kabuki, Cuba Salsa, Brazil Samba, under the esteemed Master ship of Sri. Shiva Sankar(Renowned Indian choreographer who Composed dances for over 1000 Indian Films) will perform this Ballet with their Finest Dancing moves and expressions in the presence of thousands of Enthusiastic Indian and International Audience of UK and Europe around18Locations spread over 9 countries.

Enthusiastic learners of World Music will find inspiration and motivation from the path breaking events conducted by Swara Kala Bharati as it accomplishes the motto of making music easy for all.

Join, Learn, Spread, Flourish, Cherish and be proud to be a Student of Goddess Saraswati.



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