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The Ideology of Swara Kala Bharati :

The main objective of this organization is to promote social awareness of ancient and modern literature, Art (All performing Arts) traditions and culture of India. To make the people aware of our rich heritage not only in India but also at the Global level.

“Genius is one of those words upon which the world has agreed to form no clear consensus,” Joseph Epstein tells us but we learn that, more important than mere originality or creativity, it is the ability to make us experience the world in new ways that sets “VasudaikaSwaram”(Universal Tone)apart from other many Indian music and literary geniuses.

The primary role of the creative genius in society is to hasten the development of authentic human values, which often requires these men and women to partially or completely withdraw from mainstream society. The extreme individualism of these people allows them to discover human values that are used to revivify eroding or Procrustean social structures.

This oceanic melodic Indian music demonstrates with ease, the extraordinary composition of 72 Melakartha Ragas, which is a true adulation to this august audience, be it Veterans of Music, Musicologists, Performing Artists or discerning & knowledgeable Rasikaas. The legendary feat of rendering the 72 Melakartha Ragas is not only mellifluous but also unique….Kudos to this Indian and universal VasudaikaSwaram! Undeniably the rendition of 72 Melakartha Ragas is an incredible feat and is very useful for the students and lovers of music. The prestigious and celebrated Guinness World Record, which proudly announce that this has become another feather in the cap of Indian music.

“My task,”Joseph Conrad wrote,”is by the power of the written word to make you hear,to make You feel – it is above all to make you see.That and no more,and it is everything.”This explanation aptly compliments Indian Musicians, the musical prodigy and literary treasure from India. In fact, literary or melodic genius is a multi-layered aptitude that consists of many unique cognitive,effective ,perceptual,motivational,interpersonal,and state dependent attributes, including the challenging of orthodox thinking,fertility of ideas,compulsive discipline and hard work,to tolerance of Ambiguity, innocence of perception, immersion in the present moment,intellectual diversity,and internal Locus of evaluation,and sensitivity to nuances.The qualities can be found abundantly in the minds of Indian Musicians.



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